Scaffolding NYC: if you see a set of scaffolds on a New York City street, it's likely to have been built by All-Safe, LLC.

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Scaffolding NYC

In NYC building code, scaffolding is defined as one of the forms of temporary construction equipment. To erect or work on a scaffold in New York City, a person or an organization must follow strict guidelines delineated by the New York City Department of Buildings. Department of buildings is also in charge of inspecting scaffolding safety at every construction site in NYC.

Unfortunately, New York City in recent years saw an increase in the number of scaffolding-related accidents. This led to the updating and clarifying of the building code requirements to scaffolding safety in NYC.

Among several types of scaffolding equipment used at the construction sites in Manhattan as well as other boroughs of New York, two scaffold types are most prominent: frame scaffold, perhaps more widely known as "supported scaffold", and hanging scaffold, also known as "suspended scaffold".

Supported scaffold includes a fixed support structure built from metal posts and framework, and walkways (platforms) that can be made of wooden boards or metal. In designing and constructing a frame (supported) scaffold, an engineer must consider multiple parameters, especially the scaffold's capacity to bear weight. A person or company may not erect a scaffold higher than forty feet above the ground without requesting and receiving a special permit from the New York City Department of Buildings.

Hanging Scaffolds implemented at New York City construction sites may belong to one of the three types: window-washer frameworks (aka davit scaffolds), outrigger-based hanging scaffolds and C-hook mounted hanging scaffolds. One should be aware that statistically suspended scaffolds tend to produce a greater number of accidents than supported scaffolds. Quite logically, safety regulations and requirements for constructing and working on hanging scaffolds are much more detailed and even stronger enforced than the safety requirements for the supported scaffolds.

In NYC the riggers working with suspended scaffolds must be NYC-licensed to do so, and the general construction workers must pass licensing exam in order to have the right to work on suspended scaffolds. To be eligible to a suspended scaffold license, riggers and workers have to obtain the New York City Scaffold Safety Challenge Exam Certificate. An inspector form the New York City Department of Buildings, inspecting the hanging scaffolds at a construction site, will demand to see all workers' certificates, and therefore all the certificates must be always available at the site.

Scaffolding safety in NYC

Every scaffold worker in NYC must wear OSHA-approved safety harness and a hard hat. An individual lifeline attached to a scaffold-independent support point is also a must. The detailed requirements for the scaffold workers safety are delineated in OSHA. There are severe penalties and fines for violating NYC Building Code regulations of scaffold safety.

Our company, All-Safe, LLC, takes scaffolding safety seriously. We are a group of dedicated professionals with dozens of years of temporary construction industry experience on our resumes, and we have excellent safety record. We'll be happy to provide outstanding scaffolding services to your construction business. Please feel free to contact us anytime during working ours for more information on scaffolding in NYC: 718-389-9400.

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One of hour interesting NYC Scaffolding projects was building the inside scaffolding system for Guggenheim museum for the glass installation that was a part of mounting the Buren Cube. That scaffold was a work of art in its own right.  See thge images below:

Scaffolding NYC 1

Scaffolding NYC 2

Scaffolding NYC 3

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